Friday, October 29, 2010

Field Trips

Week Two or Tow depending on how I type it.... both are applicable.

Monday I had a Parent Teacher Conference at the Elementary School, with his mom.

Wednesday I took Gran to the dentist. We drove to Matthews and back. (and then again without Cam!)

Thursday he accompanied me while I went Visiting Teaching. We went to see Jen S. at 9am, Jen M. at 10am, and Michelle at 11am. (That was too much for the adults let alone the toddler!)
We went home and he took a short nap before it was time to pick up the kids at school(s) for dentist appointments. Then we went to the dentist where we colored (he's 19 months old and needs help!) and ate snacks (him, not me)

Friday was the best day of all. It was a teacher workday. That means my boys are home but Cam's mom (a teacher) is at work! My boys have been so excited about our plans for today.
We discussed taking Cam to the Discovery Place Museum but our plans changed because the weather cooled down. It finally feels like Fall so it was the perfect day to check out the Charlotte Nature Museum.
We saw Live Owls, a possum, a skunk, a crow(?), turtles, snakes, spiders (eeew), butterflies, fish, and birds (Quail to be exact). There were plenty of dead things (stuffed and skeletal remains) too, hence the Museum part of the name. Cam wandered about exploring and seemed to have a pretty good time. So did we. Here are some photos to prove it.

Noah and Camden on our Nature Walk.
We found LOTS of acorns for a future project.

Cam investigating the quail eggs in the incubator.
Pretty boring really which explains
the "what's the big deal?" expression.

Evan outside on the trail.
(I LOVE this picture of my boy.)

Camden digging in the sand.

After we got home and Cam had a nap
he wandered to the pots and pans and
started drumming with pencils ( not sharpened!)
The kid has some skills.

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