Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Over President's Day weekend we decided to get out and go somewhere.

We went to Atlanta and spent the weekend seeing some of the amazing things the city has to offer.
The Coco-Cola Polar Bear (and some random dude)

One of the coolest dudes I know!

We went to the World of Coca Cola where we tasted sodas from around the world.
Best Soda... each member of the family liked something different.
Worst Soda... something we all agreed on, Beverly from Italy (VERY Bitter Achk!)

We toured the Georgia Aquarium and saw some amazing fish.

We saw Peter Pan... The show was FANTASTIC and an added plus...
after the show we got a backstage tour! Too Cool.

Garrett with the Crocodile backstage

Bryant feeding birds in the Parakeet House

We became members of the Atlanta Zoo and saw some pretty funny things.

The best part was feeding time at the Gorilla House. Those Gorillas sure like their citrus fruits!

We are going back to Atlanta in a few weeks for the Atlanta Temple Open House