Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fall Harvest

This year our garden contained the usual tomatoes and cucumbers but I decided to try something new! I also planted watermelon and sweet potaotes. The watermelons were ok. They were sweet enough, but they were grainy and had seeds! Since it was my first year growing sweet potatoes I wasn't sure when to harvest them. I knew they were ready about a month ago when I stumbled upon a perfect potato poking out of the ground. But then school started and a day turned into a week and then a month. Finally, this was the weekend, so Noah and his friend Grant helped me dig them up! You would have thought they struck gold each time they dig one up.

House of Slytherin

We have joined the House of Slytherin and are learning to speak in Parsel Tongue. ask? Well, after 30 days of keeping his room clean, Evan earned his right to get a corn snake. He picked him up Friday night and named him Noodles. A fitting name as he is about the width of a linguine noodle and just a little longer. that you know, you can't tell Laura's father. If he knows we have a snake he won't set foot in the house!

Evan and Noodles

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Reed Gold Mine

There was no school today so we went with the cousins, Liam and Sutton to Reed Gold Mine. After the movie and a tour of the mine we went panning for gold. Evan went with the hope of getting enough gold to buy a flat screen tv. Let's just say, though he had fun, he left without enough for even the remote!

Eli and Liam panning for gold.

The boys hamming it up at the outhouse.

Looking up the mine shaft.

The boys on our tour of the mine.

Evan's Birthday!

Tuesday was Evan's
10th birthday. We went
to Bob Evans to celebrate
and the waitstaff sang
"Happy Birthday" to him
when they brought him
his sundae. He ate it up!
(the attention and the ice cream!)
He has always LOVED
to eat there. At one point
he referred to Bob Evans as
"thefancy restaurant with
wacamoni and cheese".

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Summer's Over

After long days at the beach, we have come back to reality.
I have posted some photos of our summer and first day of school. I hope now that we have a regular schedule I'll be able to keep up with the blog.

The "Beach Boys" at Virginia Beach.