Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The third time's the charm!

My phone is fine. It is in brand new condition.

It still has that new phone smell.

As great as that is, it is also the problem.

Did you know that a new phone has an empty calendar and contacts list? Yup, it is true. You have to add your own names, numbers, emails, addresses, and other important info to the phone to make it your own.

Here's the problem. My phone was backing up my info onto the server in the office. The server that my husband disconnected and then sold on Craigslist. So, I had no info to put into my phone. DOH!

I went to the apple store to retrieve the data from my old phone. The miracle is that they still had it in the back of the store. The really infuriating part is that the "genius" deleted the info on the phone in an attempt to transfer it from old phone to new phone. It was there... in the palm of his hand and then **poof** it was gone.

I am now starting over from scratch (no pun intended).

If you read this and I know you please send me your contact info! If you read this and I don't know you... give it a shot, what can it hurt?

Bad things DO happen in threes... at least I hope so.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Just My Luck

I heard somewhere that bad things happen in threes. I sure hope that isn't true.

About a month ago my iphone fell in the toilet. oops. If I close my eyes I can see it happen again in slow motion.
I reach for the handle,
I flush,
I see the phone fall from my other hand,
spinning, falling, spinning,
I remember grabbing it before it got flushed and thinking I was home free!

I was WRONG... a few minutes later the screen "melted" and I knew it was a goner.

Today, while being a good mom and taking my kids to the park, it happened again. kind of.

I did use the port-a-jon, but left the phone on the open magazine to hold my page. (I've learned the hard way that phones and toilets don't mix)
BUT on my way back to the table my son was smacked in the face with a football.
After applying a makeshift icepack to his face I decided it was time to go. I went to the table and grabbed the closed magazine.
See here is the tricky part. I left the magazine open and the wind blew it closed. I didn't remember that my phone was there!
As I lifted the magazine my phone fell face first onto the concrete below. After it landed, I once again fooled myself into thinking that I had dodged a bullet. There was no shattering and scattering of pieces. It looked fine... until I picked it up.

Good news: the phone still works! I called my hubby with it to share the bad news.

Bad news: the screen is shattered. I need a new phone.

My hubby is coming home early tonight so we can take my phone and get it replaced. I am considering immediately walking to where we parked the car, placing the phone behind a wheel, and backing over it. It would take away the suspense (paranoia) of waiting for my phone to have another (the third) accident. AND we would save gas and time cuz we'd already be at the store!

Hubby wouldn't go along with it. He said the next time I break my phone... it stays broken. :(
I bought a case to help protect it.

Wish me luck!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Random Trip Photos

This shed? was being moved.

While I was reading, Kate started to laugh. I looked up to read this catchy slogan. What? Really?

While in Burlington, Iowa we went to dinner at "Gators".
The food was good (no alligator on the menu, thankfully).
We found this poor guy in the lobby.
He didn't have room to turn around in the tank.

This is view of the Nauvoo temple from the "Trail of Hope"

Saturday, September 5, 2009

ROAD TRIP - Day Four

Day Four: Cheyenne, WY to West Jordan, UT
448 miles, 6 hours, arriving at my final destination, priceless!

During the day we went from grassy plains to grassy plains with rocks...

to rocks with grassy plains...

to rocks with a little grass

to rocks with brush


I don't have all the photos we took today (Kate's camera) But I will explain why I don't have a "Welcome to UTAH!" photo. There wasn't one! Lame, I know. I had the camera ready and waited, and waited, and waited... nothing.
I discovered something about myself. I like variation in landscape. I like rolling hills, trees, mountains, anything really that breaks up the monotony of grassy plains. And at the risk of offending those who love Wyoming, I must say I don't care if I never set foot (or wheels) again in Wyoming. Been there, done that, not too exciting.

Friday, September 4, 2009

ROAD TRIP - Day Three

We woke up early this morning because we knew we had a long drive ahead of us. 815 miles is what Google Maps said it would be. We did it! We drove from Burlington, Iowa to Cheyenne, Wyoming.
Here are some of the things we did or saw on the way.

The view from our hotel room

What you do when you pack your camera charger in your suitcase, in the trunk!

"I spy something green." "CORN!"
(we said this often... always green, always corn!)

silly girl!

"Oh, look! A missionary truck!"

After the cornfields of Iowa and Eastern Nebraska comes... Western Nebraska.

"Home, Home on the range..." No longer corn, but cattle!

The sunset. Do you see the little smiley face in the clouds? It is directly above the road.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


We didn't drive too far today.

We left this morning from St. Louis, MO to stop in Carthage and Nauvoo Illinois. After such a long day of driving yesterday we were moving a little slow but it really didn't matter because we knew we wouldn't get many miles in today.
Carthage Jail
Did you know that this was also where the jailor and his family lived? They had 7 children in a 1 bedroom (k, the kids bedroom(s) were in the attic closed to the public) 2 cell house.

We had a quick tour in Carthage and made it to Nauvoo to see a few things before most everything closed at 5pm. It is amazing to me how hard people worked during that time period. They made their own candles, thread, cloth, clothes, shoes and boots, rugs, bricks, wagon wheels, tin pie pans, pretty much everything. And then to build and rebuild their lives as they (the Mormons) were forced out of town. (Towns that they established and built!)
The schoolhouse.
Did you know that at it's prime there were 15,000 people living in Nauvoo!?

This is the "shoe store", it measures 16 feet by 16 feet, and is the cutest building in Nauvoo.
The sign above the door says "Cheap Boot and Shoe Manufactory".
Did you know that there were no right or left shoes? Both shoes were made from the same cob.

I have it so easy. I drive to a Target that is reasonably within walking distance.

Last night we decided to stay in Burlington, IA. We stopped at the Fairfield Inn and asked for a room. They were booked, and so were most of the other hotels in the area due to some event. So, it was 8pm and we faced driving for hours until we found a decent place to stay. It wasn't ideal, but we knew we could do it. I asked if we could use the bathroom before we left. When I came out of the bathroom, minutes later, the desk clerk told me that they had a guest check out early (3pm) after housekeeping left. If she could get someone to come clean the room then we could have that one. YEAH! So Kate and I went to dinner and when we came back our room was clean and ready to go. We had a much needed sleep in a comfy bed. :)
God is good, all the time!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Day One:

Drive to St. Louis, MO was on my list of things to do today.

  1. Get boys off to school
  2. PTA Board Meeting
  3. Media Center training
  4. Drive to St. Louis

Just another thing on my list to check off. (That is how I envisioned the trip at 10am.)

As the day progressed the "vision" changed... a few times...

We made it to Hendersonville in 2 hours... my sister has a lead foot, we'll be there in half the time!

Our first State line crossing... we did it!

Second State line...
I actually said "Bucky Kentucky" (in my mind) as I saw this sign. No lie!
I'll give a stick of gum to the first person (over the age of 20) who can tell me where that is from.

Third state line...
(not our photo. ours is on Kate's camera)

Are we there yet? Really? How many more miles? Check again. Just over half way there?

The St. Louis Arch (not our photo either)

Funny Story - I am driving into St. Louis and Kate says, "Look the arc!" I look at billboards in the direction she is pointing.
"What?", I asked.
Kate says,"The Arc! The St. Louis Arc! "
As the Arch comes into my view, I shake my head and say, "The Ark? You mean the Arch, ch makes a 'cha' sound, 'arch'."
She was thinking arc (like in geometry). I heard ark (like in Noah).
The conversation continues... but I won't bore you.

I was seriously looking for a billboard with a picture of an ark on it! (k, silly I know, but it was late and I was focused on where we were going)

Tomorrow we are off to see some church history sites. More site seeing=less driving!