Saturday, August 13, 2011

Post Much?

I know, I know! It has been WAY too long since my last post. I have thought about it many times over the summer but then think of all the time pressing tasks at hand and put it off (again).

Well get ready for this... a SUPER Summer Update! (Mono-Blog!)

May 28th - (the date of my last post) Was Noah's 11th birthday. We went on a date to celebrate!

The first week of June was filled with field days and school recognition ceremonies. We spent the weekend with family at my nephew's baptism!
The second week we had Noah's moving on (to middle school) ceremony. And watched him perform in the 5th Grade Talent Show!

I will post the video here soon!

(Ryan on guitar, Noah on drums and Andy singing the song he wrote!)

We spent the 20th - 24th of June at Cub Scout Day Camp with over 200 boys ages 6 to 11. I was the program director, Garrett volunteered at the BB range, Evan worked with the kids in the Me Too (siblings) camp, Noah and Eli participated as campers. My dad even helped out all week as a Quarter Master. He kept the coolers full of ice water, transported equipment, plunged toilets... you name it, he did it and with a smile to boot! I love my dad!

July brought an addition to our family with my baby sister's wedding to Dustin Marshall.
We all worked tirelessly to put together a reception for her and it turned out great! The days following the reception the rest of us Woodward kids and our families spent at a beautiful house on Lake Wylie. I love my family and am so grateful for each and everyone of them. My siblings taught (tried to teach) Garrett how to dive. Erin and I bravely performed back dives! I hadn't done a back dive since I was a teenager at girl's camp! We had cannon ball contests and the kids fished off the dock. Monday evening my parents stopped by on their way home from dropping the newlyweds off at the airport. Not having their swim suits with them, my dad borrowed some trunk and my mom just jumped in fully dressed! I can't say that I blame her. We were having a lot of fun and she was missing out.

After my family left (boo hoo) we spent a week gearing up for home school. Yes, you heard correctly. We decided early last year that we would home school the boys this year.

On August 1st Garrett and Evan headed for a week at Scout Camp and Noah and Eli and I started our first day of home school. Currently we school Monday thru Thursday. We aim to start at 8am everyday but letting go of the summer schedule has been difficult for some of us, including me!
We are learning Spanish, Math, Science, and for Literature the older boys are currently reading The Giver by Lois Lowry and the younger boys are reading The Secret School by Avi.
So far it is going well, not without some hiccups, but well.
I am staying busy with the planning and "teaching". I hope that once we get into a groove, my planning will be easier/less time consuming.

Well that is all we did this summer! It went by way too fast.

How was yours?