Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Autumn Things

I liked to say this was my favorite time of year but I'd be lying. I love every season. Really and it isn't just the "people pleaser" in me. I love hibernating through the Winter eating soups, stews, and homemade bread. I love when Spring makes it's first appearance with warm breezes, budding leaves, and bright green grass. I love the LONG HOT days of summer at the beach, homemade ice cream and field trips with the kids. As for Fall, I love that school starts and we get a routine again. I love the cool breeze, cold mornings, and the warm sun on my back.

Here are more of my favorite things about this season...

Candy Corn

Cinnamon Rolls
(I know these are a year-round thing but they are great on those cold mornings!)

The CRUNCH of leaves, under foot and in the breeze.

Oh and these too!


Erin said...

I agree. The change of each season always seems to be just what I need. But Fall is the my most favorite!!

jen said...

Fall is my most favorite season, too. Spring is a close second. But I just love fall after our long hot humid summers. Opening the windows, putting on a sweater, bonfires. it's lovely. :)