Friday, October 29, 2010

Field Trips

Week Two or Tow depending on how I type it.... both are applicable.

Monday I had a Parent Teacher Conference at the Elementary School, with his mom.

Wednesday I took Gran to the dentist. We drove to Matthews and back. (and then again without Cam!)

Thursday he accompanied me while I went Visiting Teaching. We went to see Jen S. at 9am, Jen M. at 10am, and Michelle at 11am. (That was too much for the adults let alone the toddler!)
We went home and he took a short nap before it was time to pick up the kids at school(s) for dentist appointments. Then we went to the dentist where we colored (he's 19 months old and needs help!) and ate snacks (him, not me)

Friday was the best day of all. It was a teacher workday. That means my boys are home but Cam's mom (a teacher) is at work! My boys have been so excited about our plans for today.
We discussed taking Cam to the Discovery Place Museum but our plans changed because the weather cooled down. It finally feels like Fall so it was the perfect day to check out the Charlotte Nature Museum.
We saw Live Owls, a possum, a skunk, a crow(?), turtles, snakes, spiders (eeew), butterflies, fish, and birds (Quail to be exact). There were plenty of dead things (stuffed and skeletal remains) too, hence the Museum part of the name. Cam wandered about exploring and seemed to have a pretty good time. So did we. Here are some photos to prove it.

Noah and Camden on our Nature Walk.
We found LOTS of acorns for a future project.

Cam investigating the quail eggs in the incubator.
Pretty boring really which explains
the "what's the big deal?" expression.

Evan outside on the trail.
(I LOVE this picture of my boy.)

Camden digging in the sand.

After we got home and Cam had a nap
he wandered to the pots and pans and
started drumming with pencils ( not sharpened!)
The kid has some skills.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Week One

When I was a young mom (young in years, experience, and patience) there was nothing that would have convinced me to watch another person's child(ren). None!
My sanity was hanging on by a thread and how was I to know that that kid wouldn't have scissors?
Anyway, now that my kiddos are all in school and I have been child free during the day for 4 years or so, I have my sanity tied up real tight (though it threatens to unravel daily around homework time) I am loving having Camden here with me during the day.

Last week was our first week and it went off without a hitch. We had a playdate, took" field trips" to Walmart and Michael's (cuz that is where all toddlers want to be), had a parent/teacher meeting at the middle school, and had a nap everyday. Well, I did nap with him a couple of times but not everyday. (oh, the life!)
On Friday afternoon when Camden's mom came to pick him up he had a fit. I'm talking a drop to the ground, feet kicking, screaming fit when it was time to go. Did you read that? He didn't want to leave!!??
Needless to say, we had a good first week.
(that light saber didn't leave his hands,
he even took one home Friday!)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Answered Prayers

I LOVE how prayers are answered.

As of late we have been in a financial bind. For those of you who know me finance's make me CRAZY. I recall a time early in my marriage (college students with a baby to feed and clothe) when I curled up in the fetal position, sobbing while my sister brushed my hair back from my face and shoosh'd me. (BTW, thanks Jess!)

Anyway, I had been praying to find the way to keep a budget and make a dent in our debt. I thought about how next year (after I finish my year as PTA President) instead of going to school I would have to get a job. But what job could I get with my minimal education that wouldn't require working on Sundays (Chick-Fil-A), and that would still let me be here after school with the kids (substitute teacher, oh, but the school system isn't taking applications anymore)?
AS I mulled my dilemma over in my mind I continued to pray.

I went about my daily routine ignoring the money mess in order to keep the shred of sanity I had left. Laundry, PTA, pick up my son from Driver's Ed, make dinner, check my email... you get the idea, no?
I read thru the email from my son's teacher.... her son is sick (again, poor guy) and she won't be in today... math facts test postponed... looking for an alternative for daycare...
I was in automatic pilot when I shot off an email offering to watch him. After I hit send I started thinking "yeah, sure, like she'll want me watching her kid... she taught one of mine two years ago and is currently teaching a second...".

She and her husband had been praying for a solution to their problem of finding an alternative to daycare as he has been sick constantly since school started and Mom went back to work.
And so, the Lord in all of His goodness heard and answered our prayers.

I will have a job that meets my needs and they will have a place to send their son where he won't be sick or on antibiotics every other week. And as a bonus I will have a little buddy again. :D
Eli is very excited. He said to me that he is glad we'll have Camden around because he hasn't had a little brother to play with. Awwww, what a sweet boy. He gets to be a big brother to Cam.

Now... what about PTA? Thankfully, I have a fully capable and dedicated board. I will still be involved and will take Cam to the meetings I have to attend, it can be done.

I start "work" on Monday!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I am a WINNER! (I have proof)

Bryant and I often dream of the day we win the lottery. Imagining a life free of debt, the boys' missions and college expenses set aside, a retirement we can actually live on, and the kitchen/master bath renovation makes us giddy.


It is impossible to win the lottery when you don't play the lottery. Nope, not even those fun little scratch offs. I have been known to throw a couple of raffle tickets in a bag if the cause is good, I know I'll never win. I do play BUNCO with the girls at $5 a month but I'd pay more to go out to a movie with the girls and we'd have way less fun so it's hard for me to call that "gambling", ya know?

My point is, it is difficult to "win" when you don't "play". This time I "played" (for FREE) and it paid off!

I commented (one of 570 people) on C Jane Enjoy It 's blog in hopes of winning a CD by The Lower Lights and I WON!!!

I am almost giddy. I can't believe I actually WON!!

C Jane wanted to know why we, her readers living outside of Utah, thought we deserved to win one of the 10 CD's she was giving away.

This is what I said...
"I live in the South, the Bible Belt. In an effort to keep the spirit of peace with me daily I try to listen to the variety of Christian music stations but the music is twangy, or whiny, or LOUD, or too ummm... different than the hymns of praise I am used to. The music of The Lower Lights is familiar and the Spirit speaks to me in small whispers. Please pick me, fingers and toes crossed."

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Autumn Things

I liked to say this was my favorite time of year but I'd be lying. I love every season. Really and it isn't just the "people pleaser" in me. I love hibernating through the Winter eating soups, stews, and homemade bread. I love when Spring makes it's first appearance with warm breezes, budding leaves, and bright green grass. I love the LONG HOT days of summer at the beach, homemade ice cream and field trips with the kids. As for Fall, I love that school starts and we get a routine again. I love the cool breeze, cold mornings, and the warm sun on my back.

Here are more of my favorite things about this season...

Candy Corn

Cinnamon Rolls
(I know these are a year-round thing but they are great on those cold mornings!)

The CRUNCH of leaves, under foot and in the breeze.

Oh and these too!