Monday, January 17, 2011

Past Blast Wax Museum

Today my 5th grader became a historical figure for a few hours.

The 5th graders at McAlpine Elementary were all assigned a historical figure to learn about and become at the Wax Museum they held today. My Noah was assigned Nelson Mandela and he was AWESOME! Did you know that Nelson Mandela's middle name, Rolihlahla, means "stirring up trouble" in Xhosa (his tribal language).

(The resemblance in uncanny!)

Here is a link of the local news station's coverage... yup, we made the morning news!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

It's been a while since I posted... sorry about that. I have been a little busy.

There was Thanksgiving, and then Christmas, and right after that there was New Year's Eve.

And between the BIG things I filled my time with laundry, homework, reading, PTA, dishes, cooking, watching Cam, shopping, church responsibilities (like Cub Scouts, and Stake Primary), attending Eli's Holiday concert, cleaning, decorating for Christmas, wrapping, planning, and sleeping (a little).

We had a great time over the Holidays. The boys were out of school for only a week and a half but we filled it with family. Christmas morning we had brunch with my 4 NC siblings their spouses (3) and kids (3), my parents (2), my grandmother (1), and missionaries (4) for a grand total of 23 people.

It snowed Christmas night and we woke up to about 4 inches. It was perfect!

THEN my sister and her family (6) came from Alabama, and my Uncle and his family (4) came from NYC and we played games (Scrabble, Spaids, Kings Corner, Laser Tag, Scattergories, Kick Ball, Qwelf) and went to dinner (party of 12), had a family photo shoot, had sleepovers, went to lunch at 5 Guys (thanks Mom and Dad!), and then had 30 people for dinner on New Year's Eve.

Just part of the crew waiting for lunch.
As we all walked in the guy in the background (brown coat) asked "Where's the bus?".

Number of times people confused me for my sister's mother... at least 7!
Number of fights between the cousins... maybe 4. (surprisingly few!)
Number of hugs, kisses, laughs and all around good times... countless.

What a great way to transition from one year to the next. I can't wait to do it all again next year!
(although it is nice to have my house back!)