Monday, September 7, 2009

Random Trip Photos

This shed? was being moved.

While I was reading, Kate started to laugh. I looked up to read this catchy slogan. What? Really?

While in Burlington, Iowa we went to dinner at "Gators".
The food was good (no alligator on the menu, thankfully).
We found this poor guy in the lobby.
He didn't have room to turn around in the tank.

This is view of the Nauvoo temple from the "Trail of Hope"


Erin said...

the concrete truck- wow. now that's classy!

Erin said...

also- kate must be a less innocent virgin than i was, i am not sure i would have gotten that back in the day. (no offense kate!!)

Katy said...

That is awesome. While driving through Shiprock, NM we saw a huge bulletin board with a picture of Jesus with the phrase "Jesus is watching you." It was placed strategically over a barn with XXX painted in big letters on the roof. We took pictures of that, of course.

Kate said...

Haha. None taken Erin. lol.