Monday, September 28, 2009

Just My Luck

I heard somewhere that bad things happen in threes. I sure hope that isn't true.

About a month ago my iphone fell in the toilet. oops. If I close my eyes I can see it happen again in slow motion.
I reach for the handle,
I flush,
I see the phone fall from my other hand,
spinning, falling, spinning,
I remember grabbing it before it got flushed and thinking I was home free!

I was WRONG... a few minutes later the screen "melted" and I knew it was a goner.

Today, while being a good mom and taking my kids to the park, it happened again. kind of.

I did use the port-a-jon, but left the phone on the open magazine to hold my page. (I've learned the hard way that phones and toilets don't mix)
BUT on my way back to the table my son was smacked in the face with a football.
After applying a makeshift icepack to his face I decided it was time to go. I went to the table and grabbed the closed magazine.
See here is the tricky part. I left the magazine open and the wind blew it closed. I didn't remember that my phone was there!
As I lifted the magazine my phone fell face first onto the concrete below. After it landed, I once again fooled myself into thinking that I had dodged a bullet. There was no shattering and scattering of pieces. It looked fine... until I picked it up.

Good news: the phone still works! I called my hubby with it to share the bad news.

Bad news: the screen is shattered. I need a new phone.

My hubby is coming home early tonight so we can take my phone and get it replaced. I am considering immediately walking to where we parked the car, placing the phone behind a wheel, and backing over it. It would take away the suspense (paranoia) of waiting for my phone to have another (the third) accident. AND we would save gas and time cuz we'd already be at the store!

Hubby wouldn't go along with it. He said the next time I break my phone... it stays broken. :(
I bought a case to help protect it.

Wish me luck!


alisa said...

hee hee!! you make me laugh!!! love you!

Erin said...

i can't believe it!! that totally sucks.

Jessica said...

At least it didn't fall into the port-a-jon. I think I will invent some water proof something to protect cell phones. I would make billions. I constantly hear about unfortunate water (usually toilet water) and cell phone incidents.