Thursday, February 12, 2009

Look Around... I could have left it anywhere!

I don't know about you, but this family is good at losing things. Okay maybe losing is too strong a word. We mostly misplace things. Things like shoes, sweatshirts, homework, book bags, keys, and permission slips seem to slither away in the night while we sleep. Funny how the shoes that are put in the "shoe basket", book bags hung up, keys in the purse (yes, I am guilty of burying my keys on the counter), and homework in the binder never slither away.

I have also been known to put important papers in a "safe place" and they are never seen again. I have learned to just stick things on the fridge. I rarely lose something that I put there and as a BONUS I rarely forget to sign, pay, go to, or send it!

Lately though I think I have misplaced my brain. I have a phone with a calendar that has "Alerts" for things on my schedule. The things I record on my calendar I remember to do (actually DO-ing them that is another post altogether!)

So, my brain... yesterday I loaned my sewing machine to a friend. She stopped by the house to pick it up and she went on her way. She called me later to ask if there was supposed to be a power cord. A POWER CORD!? Can't she tell it is a "magic" sewing machine? Oh wait, it isn't magic, it DOES need a power cord.

Then just hours later, I offer to help a friend with whatever she needs... only to be asked to sit her kids the next day and oops... my schedule is full for the next two days with PTA stuff. What a schmuck. A schmuck with good intentions and too many things to do, but a schmuck still the same!
My brain looks like this:

So if you happen to see my brain (any brain really) lying around will you let me know. It might just be mine!

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Jessica said...

Have you considered that your brain might still be intact, but just not functioning properly due to the effects of the subject of your previous post?

By the way, at least you remembered that your schedule was full. I am very talented at scheduling two things for the exact same time and remembering them both, but not realizing they will occur at the same time. It's like they are both written down but on two separate calendars.