Monday, January 12, 2009


This is lagoon (one of the four) that is closest to our hotel.

Aloha Everyone!

Bryant and I are in Hawaii for the week and loving it. I have never been to a more beautiful place in my entire life. It is warm and there is always a sweet smelling breeze blowing.

Here are a few of the views I get to enjoy.

This is a view of the resort we are staying at.
We are staying in the building on the left.

I love the indoor/outdoor living on the islands.
This is the lower lever lobby of the hotel.

This photo is mostly for my kids.
These Koi are in the pond just out side the lobby.
These fish are HUGE. The big ones are about 2 feet long.


jen said...

As of this morning, your kids were alive and well. :) Glad you are enjoying your beautiful vacation! I organized your pantry and mopped your floors, but I can't guarantee they'll still be pristine by the time you get home. Have a great time!!

Kate said...

So, I'm officially jealous. lol. I slipped on ice Friday night, well morning, coming home from my friends apartment and you're in wonderful weather where ice isn't even heard of. lol. Oh well! I'm glad you're having a fantabulous time on your vacation!!! Love you sista!

alisa said...

Yeah friend!! I am so happy that you are having such an amazing time! Relax and when you come back I want to hear all about it! Love ya!

Jessica said...

Beautiful! Enjoy every minute of it. Would you do me a favor and pretend your me for just few seconds and send some good island vibes my way. I'm sure there's a way to do it.