Saturday, November 8, 2008

a little culture

On Wednesday night the boys and I (Bryant was working out of town) went uptown to see a performance by Traces see their link:

They were A M A Z I N G!

The boys and I left the theatre in awe. What talented people they are and so awesomely strong. (sorry uncle Jon, they are even stronger than you!) There was so much I tried to capture with my camera, but they moved too fast.

This is Brad spinning on what looks like a large hula hoop. Notice how he's holding on only with his hands. He spun a few times with his feet touching too and he did a wobbling thing (like a coin does when you drop it on a table) Way cool!

This is Heloise! She flipped that chair around like it was nothing.

Check out the website for some cool photos and videos.

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