Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Our usual Spring Break vacation includes camping. One year we went camping over Easter weekend and the Easter bunny was able to find us. The kids still remember that the Easter bunny used REAL grass instead of the yucky plastic kind.
A couple of years ago we treated our family and went on a cruise for Spring Break. SO FUN!

This week we aren't camping. We aren't cruising. We are staying.


We made a list of fun local things we could do. The list included a trip to Brattonsville, SC, Discovery Place Museum, Carowinds, Uptown Charlotte to have lunch with Dad, and/or The Raptor Center.

The first to be checked off the list was "lunch with Dad". Friday we rode the train into uptown Charlotte and met Dad for lunch at Brixx Pizza. It was fun and a nice change of scenery.

Since then we have been working on things around the house. Mostly to avoid the unseasonably HOT weather. (I caved and turned the a/c on yesterday) Things like...

early morning prepping the garden for planting

Getting contacts and then being frustrated when we have a hard time getting them in. (no photo for fear of increasing frustration)

Reading books on Pirates,

assembling a ship,

and then pretending to be pirates.

Finishing school projects that are due next week. (again no photos due to frustration levels)

photo coming soon

we are currently without faces

Rocking our faces off with our amazing ROCK BAND skilz!

We are ready for the rain forcasted for tomorrow. We want the 65 degree weather so we can enjoy a day at Carowinds.

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