Monday, April 5, 2010

Random Photos

I have taken a few random photos in the last week or so. I thought I would share...enjoy!

Ezra enjoying the bubbles!

a Sunday activity with Banana-grams

Noah came home from school and made this poster.
He wanted to sit at the end of the street with the posters to collect money to "save the tigers"
After acknowledging that the tigers are important and their cause needs to be heard, I told him that most people are donating for the humans in Haiti!
I promised I would put this photo on our blog to get the word out.
Consider yourself informed... tigers need saving!

Eating beets makes your tongue pink... see?
(the photo doesn't do it justice!)

Hope asleep with her head hanging off the landing!
What a wacko. She usually sleeps with her head resting on the step to the left.

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