Wednesday, August 19, 2009

R.I.P. Poofy

Poofy the hamster was found unresponsive today. We are all very sad. She was a sweet "little mouse" and she will be missed. A private service will be held in the backyard later today.
Noah and Dad built a box for her and in the box he put a rose and the following letter.

Dear Poofy,

I will always remember you. I wish you were still here, but I know you are happy up in heaven right now. I will miss your tickly little whiskers and the way you stuffed your cheeks full of food and stuff. You were the best little hamster in the whole entire world.




jen said...

Oh no! Not Double Stuff! Poor thing. Noah's letter is very sweet. I will miss seeing Poofy roll around your house in her ball...

Erin said...

oh poofy! so sad.

i remember when my bird died. i was about noahs age. we also buried her in the backyard. how is he handling it?

Jessica said...

My kids will be devastated. Prayers are forthcoming for Noah and Poofy. Our condolences.