Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The MOST wonderful time of the year!

Yes, today was the first day of school! Our morning went relatively smoothly. I had everything to make lunches except 2 of the 4 lunch boxes. Apparently they took a trip on the last camp out and are still somewhere in the supply mess. (not my camp out, mot my mess) I will make lunches tomorrow with or without the lunch boxes. We have plenty of shopping bags. (ghetto, I know, but it isn't MY lunch!)
Everyone was picked up and dropped off (eventually) by the correct bus and delivered to/from the correct school. They all went to the correct classrooms and brought home the correct homework (for me) UGH!
And in the meantime I was able to vacuum, mop, launder, wash dishes, and get in a little nap!
I give this day a 100% with a big smiley face.

I have no photos of today's "event" because I was busy being the Eagle mascot at the school. I think I lost 5 pounds in that sauna disguised as a costume.
Maybe tomorrow I will take some photos. Maybe not. The suspense is killing you, isn't it?

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Jessica said...

I loved getting an email from Evan last week. How cool is that! I am with you. It is an amazing feeling being able to clean and get organized after a long summer. I find the peace of a quiet home very stimulating. I have also been missing my kids lately. Weird, I know. Glad to hear everything went well the first day. How is it going now?