Friday, March 6, 2009

Nope, nothing

I really hate to look on my list of blogs and see that not one of them has been updated. It is annoying. Though not as annoying as checking your blogs to see that none were updated only to find out that your blog reader was messed up and just not showing you that they were updated. Hello.. why do they think you use the reader in the first place? (they being the blog people who are responsible for any and all blog reader thingy problems)

So let me just say that it hurts me almost as much as it hurts you to see that my blog hasn't been updated since the 18th of February last. (Why don't we still talk like that... it is pretty cool huh?)

I have tried to find something to blog about but can't think of anything. I thought of a few things but didn't think you would care. Oh ok, I will tell you...

1st - I ordered some shoes for Noah from Noah has wide feet and I figured it would be easier to use with free shipping and return shipping than trying every store in town to see if they had wide widths in his size. It was a breeze except for the part where I forgot to click the "wide width" button and ordered medium widths by accident. oops! I waited an hour to make sure the info was in their computers and then called. WOW! customer service is back baby, I was helped immediately and then given the expedited ONE DAY shipping and VIP site (so I get one day shipping from now on!). My mistake was remedied in less that 4 minutes and the shoes (wide width) were here the next day. FABULOUS but blog worthy? I didn't think so.

2nd- My hubby is coming home for the second weekend in a row. Also Fabulous but didn't think it was blog worthy either.

3rd- ummmm... well there was the pest control guy I waited for all morning .... only he didn't arrive until I was half-way thru my shower. AWKWARD yes, blog worthy, no.

4th- ummmm... nope, nothing.


Jessica said...

All blog worthy for me. I love hearing how you are no matter what is going on. I will try to be better about staying in touch. You'd think all this technology would make it easier, but I think it just gives me more stuff I'm supposed to be doing. Ya know?

Anyways, I love ya!

Jessica said...
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jen said...

i love Zappos. They have great service and an awesome/easy return policy. Blogs are just supposed to be about your regular everyday life - so everything is blog worthy! :)

alisa said...

I miss our weekly chats! So blog away...that way I can still hear about my friend!!! Sure love and miss ya!

Karin said...

I am excited to see something new on your blog! I like to hear anything you have to say, so keep on blogging. I miss chatting with you. Hope you are doing well!