Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bird House

Noah has been a Cub Scout now for a whole 21 days and he whizzed through
the Bobcat requirements and is almost finished earning his Wolf badge.
(He has a year to complete this).
This is the bird house he built for requirement 5. We found a pattern online went to Lowes and bought a cedar fence board....a few hours later (with mom's help with the power tools) ta-da it's a birdhouse!

This is an 'action' shot.
Notice that he's biting his lip...he gets that from me. I get it from my dad.

This is what adorns the inside wall.
Okay, I admit it is cheesey but I couldn't resist (and Noah thought it was cute).

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the hasties said...

good job Noah that is awsome. what a grat bird house.