Friday, March 14, 2008

Party like a ROCK STAR!

Eli is six years old and he partied a LOT to celebrate.

He shared cupcakes with his school friends at lunch.
He ate the icing and left the cupcake.

The family celebrated with pizza at Chuck E Cheese's.

You are never to old to have fun....

Even BIG kids like Chuck E Cheese's

On Friday he had a party at Sport's Connection with mini-bowling and games.
He got to blow out the "6" candle and make his wish.


ERIN said...

Happy Birthday ELI!

the hasties said...

Happy Birthday Eli! Hope you had fun.

Tracy said...

I just wanted to comment on your blog as well, and say I LOVE that family portrait. What a group! You guys are great. Thanks for being my friend!!!

See you in 10 hours at church (yes, it IS 1:08 am - I had a long nap... thanks Frank!!!).

Love ya,