Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday

Yesterday was Easter Sunday.

The morning was crazy as usual. We share our bulding with 2 other wards so we rotate church times each year. This year our Ward starts at 1pm. I like it because I can sleep in, still have time to add the finishing touches to a lesson, do a last minute load of church clothes (if needed) or like this day clean my house so those coming over for Easter dinner could find their way from the front door to the table (at least!). It started out well intentioned and then the closer we got to 1pm the louder I spoke and the more irritated at myself and others I got. Irritated at myself for waiting until Sunday morning to clean and others because they weren't helping or if they were helping they weren't moving quick enough. BUT, the house got clean (clean enough) and we made it to church in time to hear some (not much) prelude music.

Needless to say my "sabbath morning" wasn't a peaceful time to reflect upon my week and feel of the spirit in preparation for taking the sacrament.
However, the spirit hit me like a brick during sacrament meeting. It was fabulous. I usually don't feel the spirit quite that strong (anti-depressants tend to level out the emotions). We heard about miracles today and how they can help us understand what a miracle the Resurection is in our lives.

Bryant wrote the following piece. It just came to him Saturday.

The Easter Stone

Throughout the life of the Savior here on Earth, and in all the time before and after His life, the very elements of the Earth have obeyed the word of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus said the dust of the Earth was obedient to him - more so even than we are.

The very seas obeyed his calming voice when He commanded them to "Be still."

And yet, immediately after our Savior gave up His life to be crucified for our sins, a certain stone agreed to be rolled up to cover the tomb of our slain Lord.

Hewn from a larger stone by workers hired by a righteous follower of Christ and rolled forth to cover the tomb by a few Roman soldiers, the stone hid the pierced and lifeless body of Christ from a sinful world. I wonder if that stone resisted as it sealed the tomb shut. Or did the elements that Christ formed already know there mission
coming just three days later?

I imagine that stone accepting its call to hide the body of the Creator of Earth from the world that had forsaken Him. I imagine more that the stone had to struggle within itself to retain its shape as it anxiously awaited the moment when the glorified and resurrected God of all righteousness spoke the command to roll aside.

That Easter stone and the elements of every grain that held it fast must have been so wonderfully delighted that it was blessed with the opportunity to reveal to the world and to the eternities the glorified Son of God and the Father of Righteousness as it rolled aside. That Easter stone was blessed to have opened the door and cleared the path as it beyed the Lord Jesus when He waved his hand in glory, commanding or even bidding it to roll back.

Indeed, that stone must have gloried in the light that shined around Him as he approached the opening of the tomb.

We do not know the fullness of the light and might of the miracle that occurred
inside that tomb as the Lord took up His body again, but I pray that I can be a
fraction as obedient as the Easter stone; that I can partake of a part of the light of the Christ; that I can partake in the miracle of the atonement and resurrection of Christ in my own life. I pray that we can all feel the warmth and mercy and love of Him, as the Easter stone must have witnessed as it sealed the tomb of the Lord and then revealed Him to the eternities in all His glory.
May the love and light and mercy of Him who is mighty to save find place in your
heart and life on the blessed Easter Sunday, and may we all be like the Easter
stone in our own way.

While we were at church my parents had arrived at our house to make preparations for dinner. I liked coming home to dinner cooking. Maybe I should think about some hired help. Unfortunatley "think about" is all I am able to afford. Oh well, it was nice for the day. Almost all of my family came to my place for dinner this afternoon. It was great! I know that for some people family gatherings can be a dreaded thing, but I like my family. We all get along well.
We play, laugh and tell stories. The best stories are the funny ones my Dad tells. Even if we've heard them (he's told them) a million times, which inevitably we have, he laughs so hard he can barely breathe (Uncle Andy laugh). This happened at the dinner table. I was away from the table so I have no idea which story he was re-telling, but I heard his laugh. It's hard not to smile
just thinking about it.
We have had the pleasure of Jen's Dad, Perry, at a few of our gatherings. I hope he finds our company as much of a pleasure as we find his. Well actually, I don't care. We'll keep inviting him anyway. I figure if he doesn't like us he won't accept the invite. That's the way we roll around here. (but I really think he likes us!) My point was that Perry joined us for our little get together.

Here are some pics from the day.

Sutton finding a surprise in an egg

Who knew the adults had that much energy?!

Even the adults love surprises!


ERIN said...

Thanks for hosting a lovely Easter Dinner. It was a great day!

Mom (Marriotti) said...

Bryant, thanks for the Easter poem, it is beautiful and added to my Easter experience. Thanks to both of you for loving by kids and taking such good care of them.

Laura, you are always beautiful!

the hasties said...

What a wonderful story thank you for sharring:)

Kate said...

I'm sorry I missed everyone! I love you bunches! You will be happy to know I spent Easter the same way I would've if I was with everyone. Will's family is so much like ours, it's crazy. Love you!