Sunday, September 30, 2007

House of Slytherin

We have joined the House of Slytherin and are learning to speak in Parsel Tongue. ask? Well, after 30 days of keeping his room clean, Evan earned his right to get a corn snake. He picked him up Friday night and named him Noodles. A fitting name as he is about the width of a linguine noodle and just a little longer. that you know, you can't tell Laura's father. If he knows we have a snake he won't set foot in the house!

Evan and Noodles


jen said...

does Evan appreciate Noodles more because he had to work so long to earn him? I hated when my parents did that growing up, but it did make me more aware of the value of whatever I was working for.

Evan looks really cute in the picture with Noodles in his pocket.

grammy said...

Evan, my how you are getting taller and growing up. i cant wait to see you. maybe soon? i love you.