Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fall Harvest

This year our garden contained the usual tomatoes and cucumbers but I decided to try something new! I also planted watermelon and sweet potaotes. The watermelons were ok. They were sweet enough, but they were grainy and had seeds! Since it was my first year growing sweet potatoes I wasn't sure when to harvest them. I knew they were ready about a month ago when I stumbled upon a perfect potato poking out of the ground. But then school started and a day turned into a week and then a month. Finally, this was the weekend, so Noah and his friend Grant helped me dig them up! You would have thought they struck gold each time they dig one up.

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jen said...

Do you think you're going to eat the gigantic ones? I wonder if it would be good? The one year we tried a garden, we left the squash too long and they got enormous. And they didn't have much flavor at that size.