Saturday, April 2, 2011

Conference Weekend

I've been ready for General Conference for a couple of weeks. As quickly as daily life passes (can you believe it is APRIL!?) the six months between Conferences seems to have taken a long time to get here. My spiritual bucket is in need of a refill.

We still have a few things yet to do before conference starts at noon. Normal Saturday things like mowing the lawn, buying snake food, laundry, bathrooms, and cleaning bedrooms, but when Conference starts the rest of the world stops. We graze all day and eat yummy snacks. Lots of tailgate party foods. When we wake up tomorrow we get to do it all over again! :D

What will you be doing this weekend?

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jen said...

we got up way too early for a weekend, drove 2.5 hours to Asheville, looked at 6 houses, ate lunch with Andy, drove 2.5 hours back and collapsed from exhaustion. Glad we have tomorrow to run errands, relax and sleep in!