Monday, July 28, 2008

Jury "dooty"

It has been quite some time since I posted anything....sorry. I HATE it when I go to your blog and it is still the same! So now you know how it feels, a little taste of your own medicine.

Anyway, I have been busy trying to keep my house and children in order. I know, it's probably a lost cause, but I am not ready to throw in the towel quite yet.

I had Jury Duty today. They actually call it Jury Service now....whoopee! It doesn't matter what the call it, I am convinced I will never be able to actually sit on a Jury. I spent all day at the courthouse. It wasn't actually a bad thing. I had 9 hours of kids free time. I watched a movie( The Great Debaters) uninterrupted and read my scriptures...I KNOW!, and read a few more chapters in The Host. (I am starting to get into it now)
What I didn't like was having to wait two hours in the court room to be called to sit in the box (as an alternate) and be shot down by the defense. The prosecution didn't have a problem with the fact that my father is a retired police officer and that *Carter (*relative whose name I changed) was convicted of a felony. She said...."thazzz cooo!" (ok, but she rested!) and then BAM! the defense said "we'd like to call a motion to dismiss this juror" no questions, no nothing! RUDE! I am perfectly capable of being fair and impartial. My father chose a career as a civil servant.... SO WHAT? It isn't like he came home every night and told me stories of all those bad bad people that were "allegedly" driving under the influence. And that I was forever swayed to think that the policeman is always right. Hello? I wasn't born yesterday. The saying "Good Cop, Bad Cop" had to come from somewhere!

Anyway, I am hoping that my ranting and raving will help me calm down a bit because what started out as a great day ended with me in a really crappy mood. (mumble, mumble mumble)

Will I ever get to serve on a Jury? I will have to wait at least 2 years to find out! I'll keep you posted.

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jen said...

nope, take it from me - you will NEVER serve on a jury. I've already had jury service 3 times and shot down for the exact sane reasons as you. I would love to serve on a jury. Perhaps I should just become a lawyer.