Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Book Fair

I know you ALL are dying to know what it is I do in my spare time. Some of you may have heard that I am the Book Fair Chairperson for the elementary school's PTA. I have proof now that the frequent excuse "I can't that day I have a book fair thing" is not a way of putting you off. I promise I am not really avoiding you...I actually am busy with the book fair. I have proof (photos) from this Spring's "Take a Reading Road Trip" Book Fair.

I have a great bunch of friends I get to work with. In fact if I didn't work with these women, I probably wouldn't do it. The first thing we do for the book fair is brainstorm for decorations. We don't HAVE to decorate, but it is a tradition that, as stressful as it may get, we love. We decorate the wall just inside the front door and near the entrance to the book fair. The kids LOVE this. They know the fair is coming soon when they see us decorating the wall.

With the "Road Trip" theme we decided on a US map with points of interest you could visit on a road trip. It is hard to see in this photo, but we have the name of each state on a license plate. We thought we might need to help the kids out...heck, WE had a hard time figuring out the states in the mid-west. They all seem to blend together! Plus, there was a kid who asked where Madagascar was.... I explained to him that this was a US map, but he asked again. That is when I realized he thought Madagascar was part of the US, so I set him straight. We all had a good laugh over that and told our friend Tanya (the principal). Funny though, she wasn't as amused as we were.

Here we are with some kindergarteners. They got to help the teacher pick out the books their class won in the door decorating contest. Oh an the adults in the photo are (l-r) Debbie, Me and Elissa. Stephanie either wasn't there or was avoiding the camera.
PS. Elissa's son is the boy with the serious look on his face. He is a cutey pa-tutey. He and Eli get along great.

So there it is. The book fair lasted for only one week (thank goodness) and our total sales were $14, 875 and some change. Not too bad for a few volunteer moms, huh?

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Jessica said...

La! I am so proud of you guys! You Rock! Hey could you pack up your decorations and come do it again for our school? :)