Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Random Thoughts

So I have been reading a few blogs today. They are written by very funny, talented women. I am a bit jealous. I have my funny moments, but to write about everyday life and have it be laugh out loud funny...well, I won't put you through that. Maybe I just don't see the humor in life and I have turned into a grumpy old person....naaaaaw!

I have some things to blog about...like my garden, or what will soon become my garden. I have pictures of the process but they are on the card in my husband's phone. My husband is currently in Boston which means I can't post any of the pics until later this week. :(

I do have a picture of the poster I made. (Made might be a bit deceiving. I traced it from an overhead projector and then painted it. )
For all of you who wonder what it is I do for the Book Fair...this is one thing. Our theme this Spring is "Take a Reading Road Trip" so we have a wall in the school decorated with a map (photo coming soon) and this sign. I spend a lot of time doing the two Book fairs a year at the Elementary School, but I LOVE it. And I love the girls I work with.

I promised Noah that I would post a photo of this worm.
He is convinced it is a cankerworm that the county has recently sprayed to kill. I don't have the heart to tell him it is just some ugly run o' the mill worm. At least, now when he asks if I posted the photo I can honestly say "yes".

This (left) is a photo of a REAL Cankerworm.

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Jessica said...

Please tell Evan I love the bug. My kids, particularly Leah, have gone bug crazy. Rolley Polleys are in grave danger around here as are other unsuspecting bugs. They are usually gentle to the bugs, but occasionally things get out of hand and . . . smoosh.