Sunday, February 17, 2008


This is a pretty random post but I thought it was worth the time and effort. I am not an expert in the arts. I appreciate the talent it takes to create art in it's various forms. I think what I like the best is accidental art. Take this photo for instance. My sister-in-law was feeding her 19 month old a last few bites from her plate when this appeared. Our little carrot face. It was worth a quick photo.

Then there is this "mud head" Noah made. Now I realize this isn't a Picasso, but it takes talent to turn mud, grass, and stone into a man.


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Pseudojen said...

I like Noah's mud head.

As for Erin's carrot face, you probably should have tried to sell it on eBay as the face of some Saint. You could have been a millionaire. :)